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Fashion is an exclusive experience of elevated passion for life in your terms. The designs, colors, patterns, andfabricyou wear to express your unique persona through supernatural weaves. How the creators connect millions of souls like you to the fashion world is still a mystery. Here, you can discover 50 secret keys that open up the magical doors. “Who What Wear” is an inspiring space for the most fashion-sensitive female of the modern era. The Clique Media Group-owned site brings you the latest updates on fashion news, trends, and product launches. The site features HD quality Pictograms of celebrities and the common folk, wearing the most attractive outfits you could ever dream. The creators have blended ideas on every imaginable type of apparel from appliqué, jeans and leather jackets to formals and football outfits. Fashionistas from the “Me era” to the “mash-up times” can find matching outfits for personal choice on this site. You can also click ‘n’ shop online, which helps you save time.

The Sartorialist is a fusion of the classical and modern fashion styles, preferred by the commoners and the fashion show experts. The fabulous collections of outfit designs come from the inquisitive eyes of Scot Schuman, an avid fashion photographer. The site contains multiple categories for men and women from all walks of life. Exclusive pages to visit in the site are style profiles and book features, apart from vintage photos. The search page is rich with hundreds of options for people, places, and features. Get inspired by the ever-enchanting dream attires today. Launched in 2005, the site contains all the inspirational archives photographed by Schuman since then.

http://www.sincerelyjules.comSincerely Jules is a modern lifestyle building fashion blog created by Julie Sariñana in 2009.The blog has expanded into multiple sections involving everyday style collections, Collabs, collages, lifestyle and the latest trends in fashion fabrics. Julie’s unique sense of Fashionality has gracefully covered boots, bags, jewelry, shades and shoe collections to make you a complete fashionable female. She has ushered in an era of unique outfits that reflect the feminine approach to life. You will obviously like her creativity that manifests itself through simplicity. She is known to elegantly fuse classical style of fashion with the ultra-modern patterns to match with the latest trends. Meets Glam is the latest hangout blog for the everyday fashion lover, started by Julia Engel in 2011. The ‘all pink’ landing page of the website welcomes you with its warm fashion collections. You can take your time and explore through ‘View the Post’ on all the sections Click on the menu and choose ‘Daily Look’ to get the best of fashion listing. The page offers you unique filters to zero-in on your daily looks, thoughts, precious moments and favorite stories. The beauty guide gives you some of the most glamorous tips to reinvent your personality through the newfound approach to lifestyle and fashion. Palermo is perhaps the best fashion blog to fuse fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle collaborations in a single collection. The ‘lines we love’ section in the site introduces you to some of the most electrifying trends of today. Jillian Magenheim’s passion for bright colours and long outfits covers informal, formal, space age and the sensuous designs. Her blog brings you the latest reports, news, views and analysis from the fashion world in France, New York and the rest of the world. The site offers you many simple tips and tricks to elevate your Fashionality and reflect your feminine self through fashion. Sophie created the Glamurai in 2009 to revolutionize fashion, living, travel and the way you shop for clothing and beauty accessories. Glamurai is uniquely sensual and sensational from every aspect you look at it. Sophie brings you all the classical collections at the Vibes. The other vibrant collections are the Camilla colors, all week long and the African fashion. The unique aspect of Glamurai is the Travel section that takes you across all the continents. Here you get to explore the trends in fashion, lifestyle, culture and heritage. Glamurai also has an online shop, featuring the best products of your choice. Daily Front Row is a scintillating and inspiring fashion blog (media), created by Brandusa Niro in 2002. The site captures the leading fashion and beauty trends from every fashion month. Exclusive collections from Paris, New York, Miami, and elsewhere are on display. The calendar lists out the latest events in the fashion shows all over the world. The Hampton online issue brings you the best of outfits and styles for every season from the experts. The daily media is the best place to share your experiences and opinions about the site and its fashion collections. Bernstein created We Wore What to showcase some of the breathtaking fashion men and women of the modern era. The ‘currently shopping’ section brings you the latest designer outfits for everyday fashion. Here you can find bountiful of global brands at affordable prices. The Men’s section in the home page has the top products with guidelines for cloth selection. The lifestyle brings you the best holiday gifts and Hollywood inspired outfits for all the seasons. The We Wore What product range covers everything needed for fashion from the innerwear, beauty packs, jewelry, designer wear, and goggles, to the footwear. LOREMIPSUMSUMMIT Sulmers created the Fashion Bomb Daily, to explore the hottest trends in everyday outfits. The blog has a unique section for ‘readers’ costume submission’. Here, you can share your creative designs and costumes with millions of other subscribers. Fashion Bomb Daily is a platform where designers from the classical and modern era fuse their ideas, to create the stunning celebrity style outfits. Inspirational ideas and complete fashion kits show you what to wear in your everyday life. The Claire’s section hosts some of the most interesting stories and trending collections from global designers. The advertising section introduces you to the most trusted beauty and fashion brands and their products. Lynn derives its name from its creator, with a vision for vintage and modern fashion and lifestyle. The outfits you find here are crazily color oriented and based on evolving styles. You can get plenty of tips and tutorials about beauty care, DIY, shopping, and how to decorate yourself with makeup and costumes. Instant online shops for every post give you unique opportunities for buying the top brands. The site offers you options to explore every product by setting multiple filters. Details about ingredients, brand reputation, and how to use tips are extremely helpful. The city guides section is the best place for finding the best clothing and accessories. Peonies was created by Rachel Parcell in the year 2010 has a hobby fashion blog. Consistent efforts and ever-growing collections have transformed her works into a dream blog today. The site hosts a vast range of dress materials for casuals, dressy, daily inspirations, and clothes for all seasons. Rachel has created many posts, featuring the most trending styles for your entire family. You can also chat with her, using the links in the posts, and shop the products displayed in the posts. You can also find the best recipes for health, fitness and beauty care in this blog. in Dior is a multifaceted fashion blog from Jacey Duprie, devoted to stylish apparel, beauty products, lifestyles, travel guides and plenty of videos on recipes and home décor. Jacey has perfected the 21 dresses for holidays, made from lace, velvet, cotton and the latest trending materials. You can choose a dress of your choice and click on shop to make it simple and easy. The site hosts a vast collection of HD photographs and videos, focusing on food and fitness and fashion. Duprie’s wardrobe offers you great looking collections for all seasons.

http://www.thefashionguitar.comThe Fashion Guitar is an exclusive magazine from Charlotte, to highlight the biggest trends in the field. In her effort, she has created some of the most innovative designs that are on par with the ultra-modern patterns. The fall collections for every year bring you the most inspirational outfit, in the vast array of colors and styles. The fashion week section has the best designer apparel for spring and summer. Charlotte expresses her emotions through her most favorite creations, electric, sensational, bright and charming. Her unique recipes for night makeup are sure to inspire your lifestyle in more than one way. off Duty was created by the model turned fashion expert Natalie Lim Suarez. The blog has a classical appearance with mild colors but also portrays the latest trending collections. Natalie is very casual in her approach to present her creations. The campaigns section in the site gives you the latest updates on all the blog posts, designs, and products. The lifestyle section has the most interesting posts, for beauty care, travel, music, men’s style and home décor to make your life complete. Explore all the available options and reinvent yourself in the process with Natalie Lim Suarez and her collections. Extra Petites is a creative fashion blog from Jean Wang, to reflect all her passions for classical styles and designs. The site has unique sections devoted to outfits for each season. You can also find apparel for every occasion during the day, from casuals to formals and special occasions. The exclusive reviews on the seasonal outfits bring you the latest collections, with complete product details and instant shop options. Attractive designs for rompers, shirts, chambray dresses, white oval pairs and plenty of other designer fabrics make your everyday life charming. did U get that was created by Karen, to represent the exclusive British and American fashion creations. She has named her designs as street style, featuring floral, coffee run, statement belt and many other classical and modern trends. She has an elegant range of vintage collections, formal dresses, coats, ankle boots, and sequins created with a vision from the transition times. Hence they look natural, bright, elegant, and yet different from the rest in many ways. Fashion Squad is an inspirational fashion guide, created by Carolina. The blog hosts the vast range of apparels, accessories, beauty care products, mood boards, and interior design ideas. Carolina has a passion for making your lifestyle complete with her unique ideas and designs with unique creations. Multiple combinations of colors, patterns, and constructions make your everyday fashion unparalleled. The exclusive ‘Looks’ section features innumerable ranges of designer apparels. Exquisite color combinations for the sweaters, shirts, pants, and shoes are matched with exclusive ranges of accessories, and watches. Carolina uses leather, cotton, velvet, and wool to create stunning dungarees, formals and casuals. Blonde was created by Helena in 2010. The blog hosts seasonal fashion outfits, inspirational designs, NYC favorites, beauty and skin care products, and exclusive posts on motherhood and travel. The most impressive aspects of Helena’s creations are her designer apparels for spring. Here she portrays stylish jeans pants with complex top designs. She has extended her creativity to include all the other seasons, with a touch of uniqueness in each fabric and style. In her NYC favorites, Helena talks of recipes for coffee, facials, deserts and the whole lot of other lifestyle makers. The site covers all aspects of one’s lifetime passions and goals, part of fashion. in Wonderland is an exclusive creation of Sheryl Luke, aimed at integrating fashion, beauty, travel, and exquisite collaborations into a single niche. The blog hosts a unique shop, for all your apparel and beauty products from the toes to the tops. Luke links every photograph in the blog to a unique set of stories, events, products and lifestyle creators through posts. The site seems to be simple in its appearance, but it has a lot of depth when you start exploring and discovering. As you dig deeper into the pages, you will come across classical, modern and ultra modern collections. Haute Pursuit is an ambitious project from Vanessa, for weaving multiple design patterns of fashion and style with gorgeous colors to make exclusive apparels. Her exhaustive collections of fabrics, recipes, travelogues, and innovative styles dominate the site. The exclusive fashion categories are derived from various cities, continents, moods & lifestyle, and inspirational ideas. You can find the entire designer archives from 2009 until the present day in 2017. Custom search options let you explore multiple themes from Asia to the Americas, during classical modern and ultra modern fashion ears. Accidental Icon is the brainchild of YOHJI YAMAMOTO. The blog features the latest trends in designs and styles, for the young at heart mature damsels, who have grown into womanhood. Browsing through the blog is a unique experience, owing to its entirely new framework of chosen models. YOHJI YAMAMOTO firmly believes aging brings in the best of fashion consciousness and the feminine features hidden in every woman. Click on every photograph and link to explore the best of designer collections, with vibrant colors, lively patterns, and newest range of lifestyles. Atlantic Pacific was created by Blair Eadie in the year 2010. The blog features the top wardrobe archives from the classical styles to the latest denim styles, stripes, fall designs, and other striking patterns. The exhaustive range of fashion musings in the blog introduces you to the best products related to fashion and beauty care. Some of the main features of the blog are the holiday gifts, shopping cart and the exotic product range for all seasons. Girlfriend is a men’s fashion blog created by Megan Collins in the year 2012. She started this blog to provide useful tips about the dressing sense, fashion awareness, trending patterns, and grooming skills among the young men. The uniqueness of the blog is in its female perspective of creating men’s fashion. The site presents you with plenty of designer fabrics for monthly picks. Here the female fashion experts put together valuable information to create unique patterns and textures exclusively for the men. A deep sense of affirmation prevails on you when the styles created for your man are up to your own expectations. Front Roe is a creative fashion blog designed and developed by Louise Roe. She offers a rare catalog of trending designs for multiple themes on style and serenity. Seasonal collections for the fall, rains, summer, and spring are the specialties of Front Roe. Her wedding designer apparels are ranked among the best-planned varieties for the braid and the braid maids. She has a unique sense of choosing the best matching for accessories, makeup, and shoes with the complete wedding attire. As you browse through the blog pages deliberately, the vast collection of lifestyle changing ideas and attires open up for your viewing and shopping. Suarez is a high profile fashion blog created by Dylana Lim Suarez. As a stylist and photographer, she has brought in vast collections of fashion ideas, designs, outfits and inspiring colors into her blog. Red and black seem to be two favorites, which are seen in almost all her designer apparels. Other tones she frequently uses in her creations are pink, blue, and orange. Bright stripes, flowers, and checks are the design patterns she sues most frequently. If you look closely at the fashion category in the blog, it is possible to experience her expressions of moods and inspirational concepts. Archives, media, and photography are the other interesting sections. is a modern fashion blog created and owned by Annabelle Fleur. The blog features a vast range of designs using velvet, jeans, cotton, and fusion of yarns. The designer casuals, shorts, skirts and formal dresses she created have profound impacts on the new generation fashionistas, who get inspired by her collections. The fashion week and travel sections in this blog are fine examples of artistic craftsmanship. Hair and skin care on the blog introduce you to a wide range of natural routines tested and perfected by Annabelle Fleur. The shop showcases all the newest arrivals of jewelry, apparels, accessories and plenty of other collections. Your Pretty On is a lifestyle transforming blog created and owned by Alison Lumbatis. As a model, actor, and fashionista, she has worked closely with some of the top creators and artists from the fashion world. You can see the unique impressions in the apparel and accessories showcased in this blog. The style challenges section has the exclusive wardrobe filled with her fascinating collections. You can browse through the products section to review and buy online. You can also earn plenty of gift certificates from the site links. The blog section introduces you to the vast range of creations rated as the best for the week. is a professional fashion blog created and promoted by Luanna Perez-Garreaud. She has introduced many path-breaking designs in the apparel collections showcased in this blog. The “looks” section has infinite number of themes, color combinations, mix and match attire, and stylish boots. The other categories you would love to visit are the lifestyle, archive and the travel. Luanna carries her fashion ideas, wherever and whenever she travels. She is equally impressed and influenced by the fashion designs she comes across in the destinations she visits. You can experience the impact of those impressions in the next updates on her blog for sure. Less fashion is a creative online magazine created by Jessica Wang. The blog hosts plenty of daily fashion tips and holiday gift guide for the neo fashionista. She seems to be inspired by bright and dark shades of blue, green, red and yellow, part from pink and black. Of course you can also find plenty of lighter colors on the shopping wish list. My Style is the best section of the blog, featuring the ever young collections of the latest attires and accessories. Velvet boots and satin bomber are the most inspiring elements you can find in her blog. HAGHJOO is the creative mind behind Hug You fashion blog. Her previous experience of working with a German fashion expert has certainly influenced her creativity to a great extent. Today she is able to create her own patterns, designs and color combinations. The vast number of black & white photos, vintage model apparel and blazing new designs show her ability to create fusion designs. Her inspirations seem to come from the plethora of interiors, travelogues and lifestyle patterns she has showcased in this blog. The Shop section is where you can find all the designer products for top to toe needs in fashion. Bordon brings you the top-rated Brazilian collections into her innovative fashion blog. You can find the latest posts from professionals and fans at the backstage section. Every post carries the unique signature of Helena Bordon in subtle and sophisticated manners. Helena Colors bring you one step closer to the unique collections of goggles that match perfectly with the apparel featured in the blog. Fashion section has exclusive collections of latest arrivals from Tribeca and Brooklyn styles. Almost every weekend show in France seems to inspire her newer collections she rolls out in her blog. Curls and Pearls is created and promoted by Caitlin. The gift guide in the landing page of the blog almost gives you a feel of an electronic gadget website! As you hold your breath and scroll down, the smiling face in the fashion sections greet you. Since you are comfortable now, you can click and view every posting deliberately. The two main pages in the blog seem to be the home and shop. Here you can find plenty of designer and product listing ready for reviewing and buying. The gift accessories you find at the landing page top are the perfect companions for the fashion products you see on the other pages. Sweetest Thing is a multipurpose fashion and beauty blog created by Emily. The home page has unique sections for the fashionista, interior design, home décor, beauty care and festive collections. These posts have one thing in common, which is the unique creativity of Emily. In fact this is the thread that binds all the other sections of fashion, beauty and travelogue. Just like the other fashionista, Emily too seems to be inspired by her travel experiences while being creative in her fashion designs. FEMME is the inventive type of fashion blog created by Susan. The multifaceted designer has many unique features to offer in her stylish outfit creations. You can find almost all her posts connected to the classical and fusion styles with the modern patterns and bright colors. She believes the new styles are actually the remodeled versions of the classical creations. Her creations seem to be inspired by the fusion of traditional European and American apparel designs. UNE FEMME adds the latest glamour trends to the classical styles of apparels. The vast collections of accessories include jewelry, bags and boots from the modern era designer collections. Free Choice is the designers’ choice blog created by Erika Boldrin. The first obvious feature you will like in this blog is the “My Looks”. Erika has filled the section with vast range of trending fashions from all over the world. Her travelogues in Europe and Americas seem to have inspired her creativity. Her irregular collections feature multicolored patterns for sweaters, pants, shoes and the bag she carries. Of course being out of the ordinary can inspire the best of fashion ideas. In the “Beauty” section of the blog, she shares useful tips on her hairstyle. Pincher Fashion is the creation of Kimberly Smith in 2011. The greatest aspect of the collections in this blog is the fusion of the classical designs with the latest favorites. She uses various combinations of navy jeans, modern tops with laces, bracelets, earrings and sharp heel shoes to create a unique sense of fashion. The blog features some of the most cherished collections for all seasons from spring to winter, through summer and fall. The other brighter aspects of the bog are the hair, facial and nail care tips. The shop section is perhaps the most attractive section of the blog with plenty of collections to choose. in the City is a unique fashion blog created by Kelly Larkin. In her blog she has showcased some of the brightest collections of traditional and modern apparel. The color, design patterns and the style of outfit vary with every season in her blog. She believes in making fashion appealing, comfortable and gorgeous at the same time. Her summer collections are the brightest among the lot, featuring designs from Portland to the Brinkley beach. Exclusive fashion wear for the holiday seasons adds color to the blog posting. Though the blog is more about the personal life of Kelly, you can draw inspirations from her apparel and accessories collections. “Girls of a Certain Age” is a multifaceted fashion blog created by Kim France. The party dresses collections in this blog are fabulous and colorful. Many of them do look formal, while being modern and chic at the same time. The artistic designs are creative and modish in style. Bright stripes, soft material, ultramodern vogue are some of the characteristics of the collections. The fashion section sets the trends for those party goers, who need a new outfit every time they go out. The creative power of the designer reflects in the perfect combination of the top, bottom and the boots’ selection. Flame is a blazing fashion blog created by the genius mind of Erika Fox. She has been rated among to top 20 fashion bloggers in New York. Her unique collection in this blog reminds you of the gentle, yet gorgeous designer clothes of the modern era. The tips section in the Fashion menu contains a vast range of colorful designer patterns on display. Erika believes in having highly assorted range of colors, stripes and patterns in her fabrics. Every weave and stitch on the apparel reflects her distinct style and craftsmanship. The unique collections of interiors, fitness and beauty care, travel and accessories mark the expansiveness of Erika’s creativity. Blush is an all-inclusive classically styled blog from Jenny Ong. She gets her inspirations from the classically modern outfits. The Rag and Bone collection is one such trendsetting style. The danger zone collection and the Inspo seem to defy the distinction between the classical and modern styles. Jenny is an expert in weaving the finest yarns of creativity into sensually appealing apparel. Highly personalized collections for teens and the youth reflect her inspiring approach to college fashion. Grown-up Uniform, Fall Beginnings and a bit of blush are the perfect examples of the young trends she wishes to establish., Black, Blue and Grey are the burning colors of fashion ignited at “Covering the Bases”, an exclusive creation of Krista Robertson. She uses a daring combination of Red-Blue, Red-Black, Red-Grey and Black-Grey frequently in the outfit designs. Mono colors are white, black and dark crimson. All her colors express essential elements of life in its various aspects. Nearly all her collections have at least one shade of red in them. Her seasonal collections for summer and winter are the brightest you can get to see in this blog. You can find a whole range of modish accessories like the footwear, goggles and bags in the Shop Section. in Heels is created by Janice, with a vision to pool in the latest fashion collections. Striking blue is the first color you encounter as you enter the blog’s landing page. Janice seems to love formals, though many of her designs are strikingly expressive in nature. She has focused her attention exclusively on the daily dress combinations you wear to work, party and dates. If you prefer to wear bell bottom jeans, classical sweaters, formal skirts and formal pants, this blog is certainly to your liking. Janice has a budget clothing section where you can find the most fabulous dresses at economic prices. MAY is perhaps the simplest of bloggers you might meet in the fashion world today. This blog showcases some of the “simply amazing” attire collections. Detailing is one of the fabulous aspects of eh blog with plenty of close up photographs of the model and attire she wears. They not only show the fine features of the dress, but also the moods of the model who wears them. Guess you could connect the two aspects of the views of a fashionista. Time Tomorrow is a futuristic blog created by Krystal Bick. She comes from a “Journalism” background, and she is very passionate about fashion. Her styles are perfect examples of how the youth see the world of fashion today. She has used a combination of black & White and color photographs to portray her collections in this blog. The finest among them is the holiday dresses collections. The dresses collections have a classical touch, while they brighten the air around you when you actually wear them. Living and travel are the other two interesting sections in this blog for interiors, attire, and fitness. 12ISH is a revolutionary fashion blog for the plus sized beauties of today and tomorrow. The most appealing aspect of the blog is large and extra large volume in every collection. The fashion guide tells you how to choose the best fitting garments that are modish, comfortable and strikingly unique in appearance. The blog is created by Katie Sturino, who is also 12ISH in size. She has pooled in all the dress materials in the range of 12ISH to 18ISH sizes exclusively for plus size girls and women. Red, green, black and blue are some of the most frequently used color combinations in this blog. is an extremely sensual fashion blog created by Camilla. True to her Italian nature, she has portrayed the finest elements of sensuality, glamour, sensitivity, gorgeousness seduction and sensibility in the blog. Nearly all her collections seem to have been woven around these themes. Long pants, micro skirts, bikinis, traditional gowns, and the naughty shorts in this blog have one common feature. It is an effort to reflect the inquisitiveness in every female to explore the most sensuous elements of life through fashion and passion. on the 4th Floor is a global style fashion blog created by Amita Naithani. The archives post from 2015 to 2017 bring you the best styles for every month in every year. The recent posts bring you the classical, modern and ultra modern styles in every theme you can imagine. The impact of fashion on the individual’s outlook and body language is clearly portrayed on the blog. The favorite colors from the fab-40s are the best posts you can find on this blog. glamorously pink invites you to the Jadore Couture created by Kim Mitchell. Black grey and blue are the other frequently seen colors in this blog. Unlike every other designer, Mitchell seems to be free from personal attachment to any specific color. The categories section in this blog contains the most numbers of modish garments for the modern girls. Her inspirations come from innumerable sources, including the moods created by every color. You can see the reflections of these moods and emotions in the MOODBOARD. Exploring the posts in this section is a unique experience for every fashionista. from a Stylist is a naturally glamorous blog created by Sara Delaney in 2009. The site invites the newcomers by asking about her style tribe. The fashion guide considers body shape, body issues and other size and physique features, before showing you the rich collections of attires in the blog. The fashion section is the first place you should visit after going through “Start Here”. Food, travel and life are the other interesting sections in the blog.

Janelle is an innovative and futuristic thinking fashion blogger who created Wait You Need this. The glamorously glittering collections in this blog are the results of the simplest approach to sophistication by the blogger. The exclusive collections of dresses look extremely formal, while the shapes and colors are informal and glamorous in appeals. The seamless integration of the tops and the bottoms with the boots and accessories is a unique feature of the blog. Nearly all the colors are light in the shade and attractive in appeals. The JETSET section featuring fashions from Asia, Central America, Europe and the Middle East is perhaps the most attractive part of the fabulously designed fashion blog. esigned fashion blog.

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