Some Helpful Tips For Choosing The Perfect Upholstery Fabric

So you decided to spice up your living room this New Year and are thinking about getting upholstered furniture, but hold your horses before you plunge headlong into shopping! Do you know anything about choosing the right upholstery fabric? If you answered in a no, then you it is high time that you got some upholstery fabric knowledge!

Usually whenever somebody thinks about buying upholstered furniture, the first thing that they consider is the color. We are denying the fact that color is important, but what you need to understand that other factors are important as well.

Here are some tips from us that will help you in making the right choice when it comes to upholstery fabric.

Consider the fabric’s durability:

Durability is an essential factor when considering an upholstery fabric. The importance of fabric resilience may differ depending upon the piece of furniture, which room you are going to use it for and personal aspects of your family such as if children and pets live in the house or not. The fabric that you choose should be able to put up with these issues.

Woven patterns tend to hold up longer than the printed ones and so do higher thread counts and tight weaves. Thread count denotes the number of thread per square inch of fabric and denser fabrics last longer.

The fabric you choose should be based upon the user of the particular item. Say for example if you are looking for a fabric for your sofa and if you have pets around the house, microfiber fabric or leather is the best option for your needs. These kinds will be able to stand strong against wear and tear.

Take into consideration the style of the fabric:

The style of the fabric should go well with both the piece of furniture it is going to be covering and also with the interior décor theme of your house.

Your choice should be in sync with the style and character of the furniture article it is covering. For example, a traditional fabric is a go-to choice for a traditional style frame. Although, there is no stopping the creative ones out there! If you possess an adventurous sense of style and know how to blend two visually distinct styles together, you can definitely go for it.

Such an approach will add a touch of originality to your space. An example of this style could be using a geometric design on a wing-back chair. This example would look best in a room that is contemporary, with the wing-back chair an inflection in itself, so that the print connects to the rest of the décor.

Apart from all this, do not let your individual sense of style fade. Choose a fabric that echoes your own style and the mood of the décor in your room.

Also do not forget to consider the size of the patterns; it should be in accordance to the size of the furniture it is covering as well as the room size. A large bold pattern might look better in a larger room, while a more muted or smaller pattern is the best choice for a smaller space.

Special considerations:

Fade resistance:

Choose an upholstery fabric that is efficient. You will need to consider this factor if the furniture is going to be located in a room that gets plenty of sunlight or is close to a window.

Mildew resistance:

Look for fabric that is mildew resistant if by any chance you reside in a place that has a very humid climate.


If you or anyone in your family is prone to getting allergies easily, you might want to consider fabrics such as microfiber for certain allergies as it is lint-free and does not attract dust.


If you have pets, stay away from delicate upholstery fabrics like silk or other kinds that have a lot of texture.

Examples of upholstery fabric:

Now that you know how to choose an upholstery fabric, you might want to take a look at some of the most common types of these available in the market these days.

Cotton blend – linen canvas:

This gorgeous upholstery fabric is woven from 55% Linen and 45% cotton (combed cotton). This beautiful piece of cloth can be customized to cover various furniture articles of your home like your coffee table, sofa, pillows and much more. These materials are fade resistance and environment friendly in nature.

Cotton – Broadcloth:

This highly durable lightweight fabric is woven of 100% cotton. This fabric is the perfect match for the creative folks out there; it is best utilized in crafty projects. You can custom design this fabric by printing a pattern of your choice on it.

Nylon – Spandex shiny 4-way spandex:

This sparkly piece of brilliance is every fashionista’s dreams come true! This semi-heavy stretchy piece of fabric is a brilliant combination of 90% Nylon and 10% spandex with a 4-way stretch. You can very conveniently use this fabric to cover any one of your furniture article like the sofa. This fabric would provide the piece with some character; it will deliver an edgy look to the whole area and augment the overall appeal of the furniture piece it is covering!

Above mentioned are just some of the fabrics that are available in the market, there are many other types available as well. When choosing fabric for your upholstery, ensure that you make the right choice!

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