Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Next Dress

The kind of fabric people wears express their mindset and the impact their surroundings have on them. The fabrics worn by people reflect their goals in life and the way they perceive the environment around them. We at Papilio Prints understand the importance of maintaining an eco-friendly environment around us.  The designs on our fabrics reflect beautiful imaginations and unique thoughts. They act as a medium for us to communicate to the world the importance of an eco-friendly environment.

We utilize The Kornit Allegro digital textile printer to our aid as it is extremely eco-friendly. It can be used to recycle used prints and inks and can be used without the expenditure of electricity or resources.  It is highly economical and promotes the concept of recycle and reuse. With this textile printer we print extremely eco-friendly and amazingly beautiful fabrics with an aim to add to the beauty of the world and subtract from the pollution in the environment.

Our raw materials are entirely eco friendly and we make use of the best quality inks which are biodegradable and are of plant origin and thus can be easily recycled and reused.  Thus we make the process of fabric printing extremely material and energy conscious.

The kind of fabrics we work with:

We feature the option for our clients to choose the type of design they wish to print on a plain fabric. They can decide the designs they want on their chosen fabric as we perceive this as a method to awaken the designer in them.

We showcase various fabrics to choose from such as the Interlock knit jersey, linen blend, one-hundred percent polyester, broadcloth, four-way poly-spandex satin, and silk. The number of fabrics featured by our company is ever expanding. Whether you wish to buy fabrics or print your personal designs on a plain fabric, Papilio Prints is the one-stop destination for it all.

All our prints are color assured. To provide our clients guarantee about the color accuracy of our fabrics, we provide them with 18 to 24-inch print so that they can have a virtual proof of the color of the fabrics provided by us. Our prints are produced with the help of Caldera RIP. We aim to earn the loyalty and trust of our customer by providing them with the best output possible.

·        Knits – Interlock

Interlock knit is a type of fabric which consists of the combination of rib and knit construction patterns. Knits-Interlock is very much in demand in the market owing to the trends of the fashion market. This double knit pattern provides thickness to the clothes. Our knits-interlock fabric is extremely soft and tough at the same time. It has the tightest knit and the finest touch. This fabric can be used for rough use and has absorbent qualities.  It is made up of organic cotton which yields softness to the material

Uses:  This fabric is used to make diapers for kids and other such layette items for them, as it is tough so it will not tear off easily and it is extremely soft so it will not hurt the children’s soft skin. It is also used to make High-end tee shirts, bridal wear, tank tops and receiving blankets. At Papilio Prints you can customize this fabric to make jackets, pillows and much more.

·        Cotton Sateen Blend fabric

Cotton Sateen Blend fabric is made up of 97 percent of cotton and the remaining part is made up of lycra. This fabric is extremely soft and has a mushy texture to it. The cotton sateen blend fabric is generated by the process of mercerization. In this process, the cotton is kept soaked in a bath of sodium hydroxide. This process is followed by the rinsing off of the previously soaked cotton in a neutralizing acidic bath. The process of mercerization induces a chemical reaction in the cotton cell causing their cell wall to swell up, thereby providing an extra soft touch to the fabric whereas the sateen material present provides a glossy shine to the fabric.

It is mainly used to make household materials like pillows and bed sheets as it can be readily customized as per your desired patterns and designs with the help of our reusable inks so as to give our home an organic touch as well.

We provide color assurance for this fabric hence you do not have to worry about the fabric getting discolored on washing. This fabric can be easily machine washed using that detergent which does not have phosphorus present in them.

Uses: This fabric can be used to make household items like curtains, pillow covers, table linens, upholstery etc. It can also be used to make men’s tie and lingerie. The sateen’s glossy texture provides an eye-catching touch to an otherwise dull material.

·        Fabrics: Cotton-Silk Blend

Our cotton-silk blend fabrics are fabricated by using the best quality silk. It features an almost equal blend of both cotton and silk; cotton being present in a slightly higher majority. This fabric is extremely lightweight and provides a royal touch and a feeling of comfort all at the same time. It can be easily machine washed as the fabric comes with utmost color assurance. However, dry washing is recommended to maintain the quality of the fabric in the long go.

You can easily customize this fabric as per your designs with the help of our recycled inks to give an eco-friendly touch to your fabric. The vivacious coloring impact which blends in with amazing skin friendliness and softness gives this fabric an exotic touch. Moreover, the maintenance of the fabric is extremely low. You can easily wash it in your washing machine and let it dry.

Uses:  This fabric finds application to make handkerchiefs, scarves, blouses, linens, pillow covers, cushion covers, curtains and so much more. It comes with color assurance and hence it can be roughly used.

Once you have chosen your desired fabric and have communicated to us the design which you wish to be printed on your chosen fabric, we will start with the printing process and the final product will be delivered to you within 7 working days.

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  1. Hello,
    What is the minimum amount of fabric I can purchase to start my project?

    If I wanted to process a print on fabric through you, supplying my own purchased ie) Cotton/Polyester, will that be ok?

    What is your price cost to print about 12 yds of your fabric with my designs.

    1. Hello Karolin,
      Thank you for your interest in Papilio Prints. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you, via the email address you provided, shortly.
      For any further inquiries you can email us: [email protected] or call us directly +1 (973) 595-1222

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