Papilio Prints uses Kornit Allegro digital printer

7 Perfect Reasons to Digitally Print Your Fabric

Papilio Prints uses Kornit Allegro digital printer

When it comes to producing textiles according to your needs it is important to find the best method as it is your time and efforts at stake. Choosing to digitally print your fabrics is highly recommended and here are reasons why:

  •  The capability to produce short runs: Since digital printing allows to change or repeat images with a click of a button. It is simply easy to efficiently print and produce large quantities or small quantities of yardage without needing to change screens.
  • Sustainability-eliminating chemical ink waste: All inks used are directly placed onto the fabric as opposed to screen printing where amounts of inks are left unused. Additionally, Papilio Prints uses patented Eco-friendly inks which contain zero toxins and harmful metals and chemicals. The ink we use is 100% biodegradable, water-based, and child-friendly.
  • Low water and power consumptionIn fact, water is completely taken out of the equation. No need for pre-or post-treatment to fabrics, which means eliminating the need for mass water consumption. Compared to the preparation and clean-up needed in rotary screen printing, digital printing truly advocates sustainability. Just chose your fabric, upload your image and within minutes your fabrics gets printed and enters a heat transfer stage and “voila!” your finished product.
  • Repeat your file in multiple sizes: Thankfully, we can take your designs and enlarge them or make them smaller. If you want to create a blanket with an image to encompass. There is no limit to the size of pattern or detail.
  • Fast Turnaround: The revolutionary printer we use is a single step process. Once your fabric is selected and image uploaded to our system we hit print and customized fabrics are printed within minutes. Designers can come view their fabric printed before their eyes within one production shift.
  • Endless limitations to print: Digital printing allows you to print on multiple fabric materials. With the RBG CMYK Gray and Black colorway, there is limitless color combination easy to obtain. Gradients and fine details are achievable with great accuracy.
  • A variety of creative design choices for printing: Digital textile printing provides the option to print photographic/continuous tone images, spot color pattern designs or a combination of both. This expands the creative printing alternatives for fashion and interior designers.

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  1. I am so happy, I think I’ve found what I’m searching for. I’m a small start up fashion brand.I am also a sustainable fashion and textile designer and really been looking for options to print my designs digitally that’s both cost effective and eco friendly. Im looking forward to receiving a quote and fabric samples soon

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